X-Lite Review

x-lite-logoX-Lite is the free and highly popular version of CounterPath Solutions Softphone series of commercial softphones. X-Lite is a free offering in order to showcase the features available on their other products such as superior voice and video quality, conferencing, IM and presence and zero-touch configuration. As a result X-lite does not have all the features of is commercial siblings, the EyeBeam and the Bria, but is still rich in features and capabilities.

X-Lite is easy to download and install and the GUI is a graphical representation of a tradition style mobile phone complete with display and full keyboard and feature keys. This very distinctive layout makes it instantly recognizable and very intuitive to use as it operate the same as a mobile phone. The feature keys are last dial, call history and contacts amongst others so initiating a call is simply a case of selecting a contact and clicking on the number or by using the fully functional keypad to dial a number not already in the contacts list.

Voice and Video performance is very good and X-lite operates very reliably over good broadband internet connections or local LANs. X-lite supports a whole range of codec for both audio and video and is easy to configure. It also comes with configurable settings for Quality of Service (QoS) and ICE and NAT traversal for firewall settings.



  1. Great GUI with intuitive operation.
  2. Great contacts and call history.
  3. Video and Voice calls of high quality.


  1. Not for commercial use.
  2. Heavy on system resources.


For further information visit X-Lite

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