What is UCaaS?

A new term that has arisen within the VoIP marketplace is Unified Communications as a service or UCaaS for short. However, what does it mean?

UCaaS is actually simply the new modern term for describing an application as a service. Previously we described VoIP services such as hosted PBX as cloud services, well it seems that has fallen out of fashion and, these services are not considered UCaaS.

There is probably some justification with regards this shift of emphasis as before we were only considering VoIP or voice-mail, however the landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. For example, RingCentral now produces a product that is heavily reliant on not just VoIP but video and instant messaging, and with video conferencing facilities that would have cost a fortune merely a half decade before. Furthermore, they have desktop sharing, were participants can view each other’s desktops, which facilitates remote presentations, training and collaboration.

UCaaS, might initially sound like an unnecessary term used in marketing, but it does actually define some of the products on the market today, which differentiates them from other voice only solutions.

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