What is QoE – Quality of Experience

The user’s quality of experience has become the most valued of performance metrics in VoIP and Mobile telephony as it directly relates to how a user judges the service provided. The value to the service provider in evaluating the QoE metric is that the quality of service is not a system generated technical metric but a user’s subjective opinion on how they experienced the quality of the service on offer. However, because QoE is subjective, as some customers are easier to please than others or have greater experience and therefore more realistic expectations. For example, city and rural customers have different expectations of the quality of service, as city dwellers are close to the technology, and are typically well provided for, however that does lead to increased levels of expectation. Rural customers, on the other hand, are often at the edges of a service provider’s effective range and coverage for VoIP and Mobile. This is likely to be true for most services, that the customer uses such as Internet, Mobile and fixed line services, and therefore have lower, realistic expectations.

Customers’ experience, the quality of service through their relative experience and make judgments’ influenced by such qualities as clear, well defined voice signal, low noise, low delay and low jitter, delay and jitter contribute to poor voice quality and robotic voice – they also value highly a coherent, trustworthy, with service no interruptions.

Service providers can evaluate the users’ quality of experience through customer surveys and through contact centre/customer care centers feedback.

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