What is Find Me Follow Me?

Find Me and Follow Me are both call forwarding services that are commonly used together. The Find Me service permits the user to me located at several locations where as Follow Me allows for the user to be reached at a number of predefined phone numbers.

Call forwarding is a key feature of VoIP because it facilitates the use of incoming calls being forwarded to a predetermined menu of options and alternative numbers. In some cases such as in an incoming answering service a customer will be assigned a virtual telephone number. When the number is dialed the auto answer software will look up a list of user-defined pre-determined phone numbers and forward the call to the first choice on the list. If that is not answered then the system will choose the second number on the list and so on till the list is exhausted or the call answered. There are other techniques were call blasting or twinning is used this is when the numbers are not tried sequentially but simultaneously with all the choices ringing at once.

Find Me and Follow Me does not have as the techniques’ names imply search for and find an individual. They are commonly used to get a response from a group of phones. In this case a virtual number will be assigned to a VIP number that when dialed must be answered immediately perhaps in an emergency response situation in this case all the phones in a group on the list will ring simultaneously. In other less crucial circumstances the technique could be used in a sequential method, ringing each number in turn amongst a group of phone extensions in order to find the first available agent in a call center scenario.

If the call fails to be answered on any of the user-defined numbers then the call is passed to voice mail, or to a text messaging application.

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