What is Call Hunt Group?

The technology behind the call hunt group derives from a contact center scenario. The principle is that each department, for example a contact center or a technical support department whose job is to answer calls all day long will have incoming calls waiting in an inbound queue. Therefore, the system needs to monitor all the lines in a group, for example a department, and then divert the first in line call to the first available extension that becomes free.

This is a very efficient way of handling large numbers of incoming calls to a call center department. The system will answer the calls then queue them, sometimes depending on the caller’s choice of department or even particular skills usually through the customer’s interaction with an IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) answering service. The IVR will accept the call recognize the department or skill and then direct the call to the correct department. However, where call hunt groups comes into play is it will check out each extension in the department to find a free extension.

Call hunt groups are vital in busy contact and customer care departments, as the technology has to continually search for a free extension within the configured group, which can then assist in serving the customer’s inbound call. Thereby, reducing queuing delays and assists the customer in receiving a quick and efficient response. Similarly, work efficiency reflects in staff savings and staff numbers, which also provides better productivity, profits and shareholder gains.

Contact centers are dependent on human interaction, and humans are expensive in the numbers required to maintain large contact centers. Hunt group technology makes contact centers efficient and cost effective, the technology is there to find the next available free agent, and cut the waiting time for the customer calling, and that is one of the major KPIs of any contact center.

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