What is a Free Network Management Systems?

Network management is very important for not just enterprises but also for SMBs, unfortunately the cost can be prohibitive. Fortunately, there are many open source products available. For example, within an SMB’s budget the like of Solarwinds, which is an undeniably good product, might be out with the budget of an SMB. Instead, they could look at many open source varieties such as:

  • Nagious – which is a free tool that provides alerting, event handling and reporting.
  • OpenNMS – also provides the necessary functions but also offers enterprise class reporting, service performance and service assurance metrics.
  • Pandora – provides a holistic approach in that it provides a watchful eye on network traffic and servers.
  • Zenoss Core – goes a step further in providing feedback on network, servers, storage, virtualization and high performance event handling procedures
  • PRTG Network Monitor – although not the most powerful and only limited as free to 10 sensors, it is certainly the most user friendly in that it displays results in a user-friendly graphical output.

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