The 10 Values of Virtual phones Systems

What are the Top Reasons a Small Business Would Want a Virtual Phone System?

1. It provides mobility, you can venture wherever you wish yet receive business calls. You no longer need to sit by the office phone waiting for that important call; you can go about your business without fear of missing an important call.


2. Virtual phone systems will answer calls and forward them to your mobile, landline or voice-mail, which ensures you, will never miss a call. Consequently, you as an entrepreneur can sometime take a break, relax and catch up on calls, even return missed calls at your convenience.


3. They provide a business number, local or toll free, that clients’ call, which is a bonus to your clients and gives the company a better image.


4. Using a business virtual phone system prevents calls going to personal mobile phones this mitigates clients calling favorite salespeople, which can be detrimental to the business.


5. Having a Business number with an automatic redirect means, you can send calls to the right people, which also means you are not receiving irrelevant or inconvenient  business calls at times of the day and  night.


6. A virtual phone system gives the impression that the caller is dealing with a big company, this can make a big impression on the client.


7. A virtual phone system allows you to run a small business as if you had a large business’s PBX and you can do just about everything they can.


8. Importantly, being able to configure the virtual phone system auto-answer and call forwarding, by extension, means you will not have to be the gatekeeper for every call that comes through the business.


9. As a businessperson, you will never have to give out your personal mobile number, supply clients with the business number.


10. Vet incoming calls, send some to voicemail, others to hold, the incoming service will ensure none are ever lost.


A virtual phone system is hugely important to a small business, entrepreneurs or startup businesses, which needs to be out there finding business.  As a result, employees cannot be locked down to their desk phone they need to me going about finding potential business.


So why is a virtual phone system so beneficial to small business?

It is because the phone system can track and find you where ever you are. An incoming call can be configured to be sent to one or more phones, in sequential order or to ring at the same time. This is called follow me/find me. Today, communication is so important, customers need to be able to contact you directly, a desktop office phone just will not do.

The prime reason companies want a virtual system is it gives them freedom. It allows them to take calls anywhere that they may be. Additionally it means they never miss calls, so if they are outworking here is never the fear of missing an important clients’ call.


What are good examples of Virtual Phone Systems:

The top rated ones are Grasshopper and  RingCentral, so how do they help small business?



grasshopper_logo_lightThe grasshopper system is built upon an overlay of the PSTN phone system. What it does is to forward calls from a business number to any real telephone number, such as a mobile or a landline. This is wonderful as they provide a professional answering service that will always answer the incoming call. Furthermore, the Grasshopper service will then greet the caller via a recorded message before forwarding the call to the clients mobile or landline.

This is great because it gives the caller an image of a large company, additionally the call goes through transparently to the entrepreneurs mobile or landline.

Additionally, with grasshopper you can set up many phones per extension, you can configure groups and departments, and calls will be delivered directly to the best phone.

Grasshopper is an amazing virtual system for starting out in business as it is very flexible and will always allow you to be mobile, whilst never missing a call.

Read Grasshopper’s full review | Visit



ringcentral_logoIf we contrast the offerings of RingCentral to Grasshopper we can immediately spot a difference, Grasshopper is a PSTN overlay service that depends on call forwarding. RingCentral is a VoIP cloud hosted IP/PBX. , RingCentral has a virtual phone offering that supplies all the same features that Grasshopper offers. Where RingCentral differs is that it is a hosted IP PBX so you could upgrade and host enterprise options and functionality.  If you are looking to grow rapidly then RingCentral would be the better option.

Whichever you chose is down to personal choice and what features you require, however one thing is true, and having a virtual phone system is very beneficial to a small business or entrepreneur.

Read RingCentral’s full review | Visit


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