NewVoiceMedia Cloud Contact Center – Full Review

NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of cloud services, has developed ContactWorld a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) suite of applications, which tightly couples with the popular CRM application.

Contact Center as a Service application is becoming more common as companies are starting to migrate away from their expensive on premises contact center software and hardware to cloud based service providers. The financial and performance benefits now make supporting an in house contact center a viable solution for even the smallest of SMBs (small Medium Businesses). However, just as companies come in a variety of sizes so do their contact center requirements therefore NewVoiceMedia has developed their ContactWorld suite of applications to scale from very small contact centers with perhaps only 10 to 20 seats to massive contact centers distributed globally.

One of the issues with contact center applications is determining the type of contact center the customer is running. Contact centers come in three basic modes of operation, inbound, outbound and a mixture of the two. Inbound call centers tend to be for service call, or technical support where customers initiate the calls and call rate can fluctuate greatly during the day. To meet this demand NewVoiceMedia has developed the ContactWorld for Service suite of applications. Concerning outbound style contact centers, NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Sales is the appropriate solution. Lastly, for those contact centers that perform both inbound and outbound there are customizable solutions using modules from each product group.


ContactWorld for Service

Where CCaaS varies from other Communication as a service solutions such as cloud based PBX, is that CCaaS requires enhanced IVR, advanced Call routing and distribution algorithms to support complex ACD and additionally tight coupling of ACD with third party applications such as CRM. A fourth component, which is workforce management really defines CCaaS as there is nothing that remotely matches its functionality within modern or legacy PBX systems.

Tight Integration with

ContactWorld for Services has been build to integrate and couple tightly with the CRM application. Therefore, the key differentiator between ContactWorld for Services and other CCaaS is the level and focus on integration with specifically. ContactWorld for Service does integrate with other applications but it is keenly focused on and consequently many of ContactWorld’s functions rely heavily on that seamless integration of customer details and CCaaS performance. For example, the ‘Zero Contact’ solutions allow Callers to use a self-service facility to update data records directly without any agent action during the call.


Enhanced IVR

ContactWorld for Services provides an enhanced IVR, which is essential for supporting the auto attendant functionality and guiding callers to the correct agent to best answer their reason for contact. The IVR menu gives systems the means to automatically handle large volumes of calls whilst minimizing the number of contact center agents required to handle those call numbers.

ContactWorld for Service’s IVR is tightly integrated with and the ACD module in order to optimize call distribution and ensure callers are directed to the most relevant agent capable of managing to resolve their reason for contact. ContactWorld manages this through multi layer menu’s that minimize the number of irrelevant menu options that a caller must listen too. After all the goal is to optimize the depth of the menu options a caller must traverse before reaching the optimal choice. ContactWorld for Services provides both the depth and configurability to optimize the menu and call distribution process. By having tight integration with ContactWorld for Services can automatically direct customers’ calls to an appropriate agent based upon what they know about them in CRM. For example, you could configure the IVR to transfer a call from a customer to their dedicated program manager or project team, saving the customer time and improving the probability of a first call resolution. However what if it’s a first time caller?


Advanced ACD

Managing inbound calls efficiently is very important, as it is believed to contribute 30% to the customers experience during a call. Therefore, ContactWorld for Service also uses advanced algorithms for managing calls outside of the CRM by using, methods such as skill based routing, least calls, round robin amongst many other configurable criteria. However sometimes, callers make contact to resolve a common issue, and can be better served, directed to either a self-service portal with FAQ or solutions to topical issues. Self-service portals can greatly enhance the customer experience while also increasing agent productivity and operational efficiency. Lastly, ContactWorld for Service can also utilize all three components the IVR, ACD and integration to provide a Customer Call Back feature. With the ‘Call Back’ function, the Customer simply requests a call back, and perhaps a time, but nothing more, and their details are retrieved from based on their caller ID and ContactWorld ACD will schedule then make the call at the appropriate time.


ContactWorld for Sales


As we discussed earlier ContactWorld for Sales is outbound centric so has modules that provide the functionality that sales teams require when working on large scale sales or marketing campaigns that require a list of customers to be contacted. The modules that provide the automation of these processes are CRM integration, with and a set of dialers. Dialers are the mechanisms that can automatically work through a list of contacts in a CRM database and automatically try each number in a call-list or contact database during a sales or marketing campaign. Dialers greatly enhance campaign agent performance and can be predictive, progressive or preview by nature. Preview dialers are the interesting ones as they will call up the customer records and history from a CRM database, when or if the prospect or contact answers the phone, enabling the Agent to personally address them and have all their details on the agents desktop.


ContactWorld for Hybrid Operations

Not all contact centers are inbound or outbound centric so there must be a cross-over with the ContactWorld products that facilitates call blending in either direction of provide dialer functionality at a modular level. For instance an SMB should be able to purchase the IVR module and later should they wish to do outbound call campaigns be able to purchase and integrate the dialer modules and ContactWorld enables them to do just that. This makes ContactWorld a good fit for growing companies that require both inbound and outbound capabilities but without the budget or workloads to justify setting up dedicated inbound and outbound teams.

However, what about small startups that still need a contact center is there a Contact solution for them?


ContactWorld Quickstart


The solution for small SMB and startup companies that require a contact center is ContactWorld QuickStart as CCaaS solution. QuickStart is aimed at small contact centers, with QuickStart supporting a max of 10 users and QuickStart Plus a max of 25 users.




QuickStart supports webRTC so you only require a web browser on the client device. It also supports call recording, inbound calls direct to rep, and call logging.


Quickstart Plus

Supports all the features of QuickStart but also supports more advanced call handling and control features such as call transfer as well as call pop ups.

Both versions of QuickStart are tightly integrated with and



NewVoiceMedia-logoContactWorld for Service, ContactWorld for Sales and QuickStart are all very competent cloud based solutions but they rely heavily for their advanced features on their expert seamless integration with If your business has CRM then this could certainly be a CCaaS to check out as it provided seamless working between the two systems. If however, you use another CRM then ContactWorld starts to lose its sheen and many of those neat capabilities become redundant.

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