MicroSIP Review

MicoSip is another open-source free to download and use SIP application. MicroSIP though is only available for Windows OS as it is written using the PJSIP stack for Windows. However if you are looking for a Windows based SIP application this may be the one for you. There are currently two versions of MicroSIP available a full version that supports voice, video and messaging and a Lite version that supports only voice and messaging.

MicroSIP has a couple of other standout features that may make it an ideal choice against some pretty heavy weight competitors such as Ekiga and Jitsi in this voice, video and messaging application marketplace.

Portability is MicroSIP’s differentiator. MicroSIP has been developed with mobility in mind and can be installed onto a USB thumb drive. This mobility allows it then to be run from any machine or device. It does this because of configuration files instead of being held in the Windows registry are stored in .ini configuration files. This means that the application is mobile and the user can easily port it from one machine to another and execute successfully.

Secondly, MicroSIP has full international language and localization support for over a dozen countries.

Thirdly, MicroSIP has been designed specifically to be light on resources. It uses less than 5Mb of RAM and uses only essential system resources. Yet it can support TLS for authentication and confidentiality. It remains though strongly compatible with SIP and other voice and protocols.

MicroSIP has basic voice call features but they work and work well. Just like with QuteCom keeping the system resource usage to a minimum seems to aid call quality and reliability.



  1. Portable
  2. Light on system resources
  3. Full language support



  1. Basic voice features
  2. Only available on Windows


To download the software visit MicroSIP.

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