Virtual Office Telephone Systems for Medium Size Business

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Plans: Solo and Partner

By: Grasshopper Phone Systems
Approximate Price: $29.00 - $49.00

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Grasshopper Review

Grasshopper is an inbound call answering and forwarding service that can scale via its Small Business edition to fit the needs of a small to medium company. One of Grasshopper’s most popular features is that it forwards calls to mobile phones using the PSTN network, which means you still have reliable and high quality phone calls. Another selling point with regards the Small Business Edition is that it provides for up to 5 virtual business numbers. Having addition virtual business number whether they be local, tool-free or existing numbers you port across to Grasshopper means that you can operate and manage several businesses or divisions from the same account. This is great if you have a company with several autonomous divisions such as a music store, which may have a main sales store but it could also have independent but related Tuition or a Repair companies. Having the ability to provide each with their own virtual business store would enable the entrepreneur to run all the businesses from the same account on their mobile phone or computer.

Grasshopper Small Business edition certainly provides greater flexibility in call routing than many of its competitors as you can build quite complex call routing menus using the virtual business numbers and the unlimited extensions. It also has an auto-attendant with customised greeting available on each of the 5 virtual numbers with the usual call forwarding and transfer. There are also voicemail and voicemail-to-email features. Business calling and texting use the virtual business number which is good but can be tricky when managing 5 different numbers.

Quality and reliability is built into Grasshopper be default as it operates on top of the PSTN network which guarantees call quality and high-availability. Nonetheless, Grasshopper can also use your mobile minutes or shift to VoIP and Wi-FI when available. This can be easily setup on the mobile or desktop apps which comes with the service.

Grasshopper Small Business is suitable for a small-medium business particularly if the company employees’ work remotely from mobile phones as that is its strength. It can also work in a small office environment as calls can be forwarded/transferred to any type of phone but the lack of a fully functional outbound service is something you would need to consider.

Grasshopper is an inbound call answering service that does not provide you with a dial-tone. It works by using an auto-attendant to answer incoming calls with a professional customized greeting and a menu of configurable options – such as press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 3 for Billing. The menu can be made up of departments or extensions dependent on the organization, and each can be redirected to a different phone. A handy thing is any number of real phones can be linked to the virtual extension number, which can ring in sequence or simultaneously. Therefore, you could have your mobile as the first number and the house phone as the second, this way you can ensure you will not miss an important call.

Summary: Grasshopper is a feature rich inbound virtual phone service for small home businesses that enables you to run a small to medium business from any type of phone.

Plan: Essentials and Standard

By: RingCentral Phone Systems
Approximate Price: $19.99 - $24.99

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RingCentral Review

RingCentral has replaced its former SMB offering called Professional with Cloud Phone, which is another cloud based virtual telephone service. Cloud Phone Standard service plan is a feature-rich service designed for the SMB and so it can scale from start-ups’, entrepreneurs, and business people who are on the move to fulfil the requirements of much larger SMBs..

The new Cloud Phone Standard service plan delivers a variety of solutions for SMBs that are heavily reliant on their phones for business. As a result, Cloud Phone delivers both an inbound call answering service as well as outbound call functions. Because RingCentral Cloud Phone is now both an inbound and outbound service it offers all of the VoIP features that it’s larger IP/PBX enterprise services offer. Consequently, Cloud Phone Standard edition is a fully functional and feature rich virtual PBX that can scale to fit an organisation as it grows. Indeed such is the wealth of features and functions Cloud Phone is probably all you will need as you grow your business.

Just like other virtual telephone services Cloud Phone’s Standard service plan provides a virtual business number for customers for inbound calling. The virtual business number can be local, toll free or you can port an existing business number over to RingCentral. The auto-attendant will answer any incoming calls 24/7, which ensures you never miss a call. Further, there is a customised greeting and configurable menu options. This allows calls to be answered and forwarded appropriately and even redirected to a mobile or to any phone of your choosing. If you should be unavailable, then RingCentral will automatically divert the call through to voice-mail.

RingCentral Cloud Phone is designed to be a feature rich, virtual telephone system, for businesses of all sizes. Unlike its competitors in the SoHo and SMB market it does not lack out-going calling capabilities and can scale really well. If your chief concern is having a cost effective fully featured virtual PBX then Cloud Phone is probably what you are going to use as a benchmark.

Summary: Ring Central Cloud Phone is a feature rich virtual phone service for small businesses and home office businesses but can scale easily to much larger organisations.

Plan: Plus

By: VoIP Business Phone Service
Approximate Price: $19.99 per user per month

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Features: Review’s is designed for small business and for easy use with the SMB market in mind. As a result the product is designed from the ground up to be easy to administer and configure through an internet accessible portal. Ease of administration is a critical feature with SMB virtual telephone systems as it allows both administrators and even the users to configure their phone extensions remotely from any internet enabled device. does not sacrifice quality for simplicity as it is built upon high definition VoIP and boast over 40+ advanced VoIP features that are available on all their plans. also offers alternative communications such as SMS and chat via the Chat Calls and Business messaging SMS features. There are also notable collaboration tools such as group messaging where you can initiate and moderate a group chat over SMS using the mobile app. Another communication media is Fax and that can be sent to voicemail for viewing, and printing or forwarded to email if preferred, either way faxes are now easily processed within

Another great feature is the conference bridge that comes with each user extension and it can support up to 500 participants. As a moderator, you have access to over 15 voice control functions such as to record or mute, unmute participants, set entry or exit chimes, or to require name announcement during the call.

The service for SMB is the Plus Plan, which comes with 500 free minutes and costs $19.99 per user per month. 

Where does excel against their competitors is with regards to their service plans that offer unlimited minutes as these are actually free calling minutes, including notably toll free minutes. As a result all minutes whether inbound or outbound are included within the free minute’s allocation for each service plan.

With Unlimited Minute plans the cost for the Plus plan is set at $37.99 per user extension per month.

Summary: is a feature rich IP/PBX service with a wide range of SMB styled features at competitive pricing for the small medium business.

Plan: Advanced

By: VirtualPBX Business Phone System
Approximate Price: $19.99/user/month

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Features: Review

Virtual PBX offers a virtual telephone service tailored for the SMB through its Advanced service plans.

All Features Include:

  • Unlimited Local Minutes
  • 1,000 Toll-Free Minutes
  • Unlimited VoIP Minutes Between System Users
  • 2 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
  • 1 VoIP Device for Every User
  • Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, and Voicemail
  • Automatic Call Recording

VirtualPBX Dash is VirtualPBX’s entry level virtual telephone service aimed at the SMB market. The service works in the same way as most virtual phone systems at this level as an incoming call management and transfer service. It does this by using an auto-attendant to answer any inbound calls 24/7. The auto-attendant plays a customizable greeting and presents the caller with your customized IVR menu. This configurable menu will contain the names, departments or extension numbers of the business. Such as select 1 for Sales, 2 for Billing, 3 for Support. When the inbound caller selects an option the call is then transferred to a pre-configured user’s phone. However the user can configure several phones and associate it with an extension using the find-me follow-me configuration. By using find-me follow-me several phones can be rung simultaneously or in sequence, this is a good way to prevent missing calls if you are frequently away from your desk. For the entrepreneur this is ideal as they typically work from a mobile phone and are often out of the home office.

In addition to call answering and basic mobility, there are also audio conferencing and an email to fax service, which provides some other business functionality.

Summary: VirtualPBX is a feature rich IP/PBX service with a wide set of features at competitive pricing for the small business.

Plan: Small Business Version

By: AXvoice Voip Service Provider
Approximate Price: $24.99/month

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AXvoice Review

The small business plan has the same standard 30+ features as all the other AXvoice service plans but it comes with 1500 ‘free’ bundled minutes of incoming, outgoing and forwarding calls, of course these calls must be within the borders of the US and Canada. The Small Business plan costs $29.99 per month.

Additionally, the Small Business VoIP Plan does offer support for SIP trunks, but what

AXvoice focuses their business packages at the small business market. This means businesses that have several employees (1-10) requiring both inbound and outbound calling facilities. The only requirements are that you have a reliable Internet service. However if you wish to support several concurrent calls you might want to consider AXvoice’s SIP trunk.

 As with all AXvoice’s standard plans the small business plan supports both incoming and outbound support, and has over 30 plus features in the SMB plan. These features provide inbound functions such as do not disturb, anonymous call rejection, distinctive ring, conference and 3-way calling, and call waiting with caller ID. For the outbound functions, AXvoice also provides other advanced features for caller ID blocking, International call blocking, alternate caller ID, simultaneous ring and music on hold. Additionally there is also a feature for 7, 10 and 11 digit dialing.

Other notable features that AXvoice provides are a decent mobile app for iOS and ANdroid, a PC softphone as well as Find-me Follow-me, For business continuity there is a  Failover feature where you can provide a number for calls to be forwarded to in the case of an internet failure. There are also call logs, BYOD support and voicemail notifications via email as well as voicemail access via the web.
AXvoice also provides a money back guarantee, and the service can be cancelled at any time.

Summary: AXvoice is a feature rich virtual IP PBX service for SMB but can scale to fit businesses of all sizes.

Plan: Unlimited (3 plans)

By: eVoice: Small Business Phone Numbers
Approximate Price: $18.00 - $19.50/user/month

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eVoice Review

The eVoice service has been rebranded eReceptionist in Europe and as its name suggests is marketed as a straightforward auto-attendant and call forwarding platform for SoHo and SMBs.

However in the US the eVoice service comes in two categories and 4 plans; eVoice Lite, which is the single user edition and single user price plan and then there is the Standard eVoice category, which consists of three basic plans, a combination of three pricing options.

Standard eVoice Plans

The entry level plan comes in at $29.99 per month which supports up to a maximum of 5 users with unlimited extensions. There are up to 15 toll free or local numbers available, and 1,000Standard eVoice Plans

There are 3 price plans:

  1. Unlimited: plan at $19.50/month/user which supports up to a maximum of 4 users with unlimited extensions. There are up to 12 toll free or local numbers available, and unlimited free minutes as well as online faxing – (incoming faxes only).
  2. Unlimited Plus: The middle level plan comes in at $19.00 per month which supports up to a maximum of 6 users with unlimited extensions. There are up to 18 toll free or local numbers available, and unlimited free minutes as well as online faxing – (incoming faxes only).
  3. Unlimited Pro: The top level plan is priced at $79.99 per month which supports up to a maximum of 10 users with unlimited extensions. There are up to 30 toll free or local numbers available, and unlimited free minutes as well as online faxing – (incoming faxes only).

The way the system works, regardless of whether it is eVoice or eReceptionist, is that it is designed with the professional in mind that is always on the go. Therefore, eVoice provides a dedicated business number and handles all inbound calls to the number ensuring that calls never get missed. By using a dedicated number it also provides separation between personal and business calls which can be a problem on a mobile phone.

The eVoice Lite plan provides either a local number or a Toll Free number for the business number and an auto attendant provides a professional, customized company greeting with menu options. The menu can be configured to project an image of a much larger company with extensions labelled as departments, for example press 1 for sales, 2 for Billing. Inbound calls can then be routed to either your home office phone or to your mobile, or both if you configure the find me follow me feature. Furthermore, eVoice has call forwarding rules that allow you to forward calls based upon rules such as the time of day, and these schedule-based rules can be configured any time you want on the online web portal. There are many other features available such as call screening, voicemail transcriptions, music on hold, and audio conference calling.

Summary: eVoice Lite is an entry level virtual phone service for SoHo or one man businesses. Standard and Professional can scale to larger organisations.

Plan: 8x8 X Series X2 and X Series X4

By: 8x8 Virtual Office
Approximate Price: $25-$45/month/user

Plan rating:




8×8 Review

For medium sized businesses that require a modern virtual telephone system with a rich feature set that supports omnichannel communication then 8×8 has provided the X2 and X4 series service and pricing plans.

X-2 Series

The X-2 series plan provides medium sized businesses with unlimited calling within 14 countries and advanced call handling and queuing. With regards to collaboration and productivity there are team meetings and business SMS as well as HD audio and video meetings where you can share your screen with team members.

In addition, the 8×8 X-2 series offers the following standard features:

  • AN Advanced Auto Attendant
  • Call Handling (Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Queues, Ring Groups)
  • HD Secure Voice
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps
  • Presence Detection
  • Voicemail
  • G Suite & Office 365 business app integration

Unfortunately the X-2 series plan does lack voicemail transcription which is a popular feature where you can have your voicemail sent to email. If you need that then you would need to upgrade to the X-4 series.

X-4 Series

The X-4 series is the larger sibling to the X-2 series and supports all it features but it importantly supports mixing and matching of x-series editions. What this means is you can support both X-2 and X-4 editions as well as the even larger x-6 and x-8 editions within the same organisation. In addition, the X-4 edition supports voicemail transcription and some other handy features such as:

  • Single Sign On
  • CRM/Service Integration
  • Call Recordings
  • Unlimited Internet Fax
  • Cross-Platform Team Messaging

Mixing and matching editions also provides a way to bring some X-4 series features such as Compliance and Certifications (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001) to the medium sized business without having to provide this feature to every user. In short you can assign the service plan per user’s work requirements.

Plan: Professional

By: Nextiva Phone Service Provider
Approximate Price: $20.95/month/user

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Nextiva Review

Nextiva for small business is a virtual IP/PBX service with many valuable business tools that caters for businesses of all sizes but it has an affordable entry level service plan

suitable for SOHO and SMBs. The Nextiva service strategy is to offer three plans that follow standard industry models with Essential, Professional and Enterprise. The professional plan is best suited to small or medium sized businesses

Nextiva – Professional

The Nextiva Professional service plan comes in at $20.95 per user per month and with all the standard IP and VoIP PBX business features. Moreover the basic plan is designed for SMB so it concentrates on providing business focused add-ons such as collaboration and productivity tools that would rival even some of their competitors enterprise offerings.

The Professional service plan also comes with a free local or toll free number as well as free porting of an existing business number. The plan also offers unlimited calling, free local and toll free numbers, unlimited virtual faxing and voicemail to email. There is also a voice-mail to text, which transcribes voicemails to text using voice recognition software and then forwards the text file via SMS or email.

The way Nextiva works is like other incoming call handling services there is an auto attendant that will answers calls 24/7 and will play a customized greeting before presenting the caller with an IVR menu so that they can chose the person or department they wish to talk too. The Nextiva Professional service also has a mobile app with some un-restricted features for smartphones, (IOs and Android) as well as a desktop application for laptops and desktops (Windows and Mac). The purpose of these apps is to provide mobility and allow users to stay connected to the Nextiva system wherever they go.

What differentiate Nextiva Professional from its entry level small business competitors is its unique business integration, collaboration and productivity tools. These may not be useful for every small business but for some they could prove to be invaluable:

Some of Essential’s advanced features are delivered as value-add-ons such as these collaboration and productivity tools:

  • Unlimited Audio Conferencing
  • Unlimited peer-to-peer Video Conferencing
  • Mobile App Calling
  • Team messaging
  • Business Application integration with Salesforce and many others
  • Mobile App Calling with Audio and Video
  • Screen sharing with both audio and video
  • NextOS Call Pop with Nextiva CRM
  • Outlook And Google Mail Integration

Summary: Nextiva’s service is a unified communication IP/PBX service with a wide set of features with unlimited minutes and has a SMB service plan suited for companies in the small business market in need of more advanced business application integration and other valuable collaboration and productivity tools.

Plan: Premium Service plan

By: Vonage business communication phone service
Approximate Price: $29.99/month/line

Plan rating:




Vonage Review

Vonage has revamped their Vonage Business Communications (VBC) platform by delivering service plans and prices to match businesses of all sizes and capabilities. The VBC is an UCaaS delivery and collaboration platform that integrates voice, video, messaging, team meeting and social media within a single product. VBC has three core service plans that can be used to match the ambitions and communication requirements of any size of company. The three plans are called Mobile, Premier and Advanced, with Premier being the best fit for a small to medium sized company. 

Premium Service plan

The Premier service plan is aimed at the small to medium sized business, that typically requires features and function that go beyond basic voice calling, that is looking for a cost effective virtual PBX service that will run just effectively on desk phone, smartphones or mobile devices. It is priced at $29.99 per seat (user) and comes with the standard 50+ VBC VoIP features as standard, such as:

Mobility and omnichannel: Mobile app, Follow Me, Call Forwarding, Paperless Fax, Business SMS, voicemail to email, Vonage visual voicemail as well as supporting many devices on an extension

Collaboration and Productivity: Call Conferencing Bridge, CRM integration, Call Monitoring, Call Announce, Call Groups, Team Meetings and Team Messaging, as well as Video conferencing, chat & file sharing for up to 100 people

Customer and employee experience: Call recording on-demand, Call screening, Call queues, Do Not Disturb, Call Continuity, Call Parking as well as a Multi-level auto attendant

Flexibility: Set Caller ID, Call Block, Smart Numbers, Local or geographic numbers, Spam Shield and an App centre

The aim of Vonage Business Communications is to provide an advanced UCaaS platform for communication across many channels, such as voice and messaging to aid collaboration and boost productivity.

The Vonage Premier Plan works on office desk phones as well as smartphones and computers as it is aimed primarily at those companies that use omnichannels for communications. Hence there are mobile apps and softphones available for user that work from their mobile phones and devices. As a result the Vonage Premier service plan is available for iOS Phones and Tablets and for Android.

The Premier plan provides integrated calling and team messaging via SMS using the business number into the service. However it does not support all those goals of UCaaS as it lacks several of its larger siblings’ features. The VoIP feature set is still very good for small to medium business but it does lack some features such as voicemail to email and call recording on demand.

The Vonage Premier plan provides unlimited calling in the continental U.S. and Canada. Mobile data charges may apply however and SMS is free but on a reasonable usage basis.

In summary, for businesses that require support for multi-channel communications and that work from an office or from mobile devices then the Vonage Premier service plan should be of great interest, At $29,99 per user per month it is not the cheapest around but is packed with plenty of voice and business integration features that are becoming necessary for modern small businesses to have.

Plans: B-hive Pro Seat

By: Broadvoice cloud PBX service
Approximate Price: $23.00/user/month

Plan rating:




Broadvoice Review

Broadvoice replaced the now retired Phone Power small business solution in early 2020. As a result they have not only retired Phone Power but their existing Broadvoice service which is now called Legacy. In their place come the Broadvoice’s new B-hive service plans based on the recently introduces Cloud PBX. There are three basic B-hive plans aimed at covering businesses of all sizes from small to large. For the entry level virtual telephone service for the medium sized business market they have introduced the B-hive Pro Seat.

B-hive Pro Seat

The B-hive Pro Seat is aimed at the SMB market and will be of interest to small companies that are looking for a cost effective unlimited calling virtual PBX service. It is priced at $23 per seat (user) and comes with an array of basic calling features as standard, such as:

  • Unlimited call minutes and calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Park
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Hot Desking
  • Web Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Voicemail-to-Email Notification
  • Local DID
  • Zero cost Business SMS
  • Virtual Fax
  • One Number
  • Global Extension
  • Call Recording
  • Communicator
  • Call Catch
  • Business Application Integrations

The notable difference between B-hive Pro and B-hive Standard is that the former has a lot more collaboration and productivity tools. These additional features certainly will make the B-hive pro plan enticing for team users and those that collaborate a lot during the course of their work Nonetheless, when it comes to which one is better suited for a small business is therefore dependent on your users’ work and telephone usage patterns. However there is nothing stopping you mixing the service plans and having different plans for different users. As an example, by deploying the B-hive Metered service plan on low usage extensions and the B-hive Standard service plan for high telephone usage employees. Similarly you could deploy B-Hive Pro for those users that need the specific collaboration and productivity tools. Indeed in order to support a larger SMB cost-effectively as opposed to a SoHo operation this is the most likely plan of action.

Ultimately, the stated aim of Broadvoice’s B-hive plans is to provide a hub for unified communications across many diverse channels, such as voice and messaging to aid collaboration and boost productivity. The B-hive Pro plan does strive to meet that goal through integrating calling and messaging via free SMS, unlimited calling minutes with some neat call centre features such as call catch and CRM integration. However, it does not support many commonplace call handling and call management features, such as call routing, call monitoring, call queuing and real time analytics.

It is not that Broadvision does not support many of these advanced VoIP call features as they do in their Call Centre Edition it’s just they have chosen to not make them available in the B-hive flagship Pro service plan. This means that if you do run a cloud contact centre in your small or medium sized companies you would need to subscribe to the Broadvision’s Contact Center product. 

In summary, the VoIP feature set is still very good for a small business telephone solution but it does lack some basic features predominantly with regards to high definition video features, such as video calling, screen sharing and video conferencing, which are now commonplace in their competitors’ products in the market that Broadvoice is targeting – namely the Unified Communications as a Service marketplace.