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Plan: Ultimate

By: RingCentral Phone Systems
Approximate Price: $49.99/month/user

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RingCentral Review

RingCentral has over the last few years shifted from producing a Small-Business virtual phone answering service to providing a cloud service that scales to enterprise level. Indeed RingCentral Enterprise offerings, which incidentally are priced similarly, are now delivered via a selection of service plans Called; Standard Office, Premier Office, and Ultimate Office.

The most important thing is that RingCentral’s Office product has evolved over the years from being predominantly a virtual IP PBX to a fully-fledged UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) platform. What that means in terms of the customer experience is that RingCentral have added and tightly coupled other communication technologies, such as IM, email, chat, video conferencing, desktop sharing for remote presentation and training, and business SMS into their product. These new features work seamlessly across IP phones, desktop Softphones and even on employee’s own mobile phones. This effectively means that employees can access online meetings, video conference calls and collaborate with team members and partners wherever they may be and all communications go through the company’s RingCentral Office application.

RingCentral’s Ultimate Office Edition is the flag ship offering and it delivers value through scale rather than added features or functionality. For example, voice and video conferencing can scale to have 50 participants, and toll free calls are free for 10,000 minutes per month, this is an improvement on the Premier editions 25 participants for conferencing and 2,500 toll free minutes, although it comes at an additional ten dollars per seat per month.

An additional benefit of the Ultimate Edition is that voicemail-to-text is now incorporated as a standard feature, which is lacking in the Standard and Premier Editions. However, for SME’s the real benefits is the unified communication as a service tools (UCaaS) that come with Office Ultimate Edition. Business collaboration and teamwork apps such as Glip and audio/video conferencing, desktop sharing and the capability to manage multi-media channel communications, such as voice, video, email, chat and social media, which are all tightly integrated as are the interfaces for third party business applications such as Salesforce, ZenDesk and many other CRM or business applications.

RingCentral’s Office service is one of, if not the most feature rich products on the market, and the Ultimate Edition takes this to another level. As with all Ring Central Office editions, the Ultimate Edition comes with unlimited calling, and online call management

Summary: Ring Central Ultimate is a feature rich virtual IP PBX service for businesses of all sizes and scales well to meet the demands of a modern enterprise

Plan: Pro

By: VoIP Business Phone Service
Approximate Price: Pay-Per-Minute Plan: $39.99/month. Unlimited Minutes Plan: $59.99/month

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Features: Review

The Pro service plan starts at $39.99 with 1,000 free minutes – although there is an unlimited call minutes edition at $59.99 respectively per user extension per month. As with both the Base and the Pro service plans additional minutes used are billed at 3.9¢ per minute so the unlimited edition may be of value for those high usage extensions. Similarly, all the features of the cloud PBX system are available across each service plan albeit some are actually deemed to be premier and will cost extra. These premier features though tend to be very specialist functions such as call recording, voicemail transcription to text, analytics and reporting modules and custom local and toll-free numbers. Unfortunately CRM integration also finds itself in the premier category and it is now a popular feature in larger companies or small medium enterprises offered as standard by’s competitors.

If however, you do stump up for the extra for business application integration you will have out-of-the-box connectivity with Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho, Streak and many other CRM packages. The benefit of CRM integration is that it can deliver the caller information and call history in an intuitive pop up even before the call is answered.

Another key business feature that is standard is mobile and softphone apps which come for Apple Android and Mac/PCs/Tablets. The smartphone applications when coupled with find me follow me can provide mobility and enable users to receive and send calls even when they are away from the office.

Summary: is a feature rich IP/PBX service with wide set of features at competitive pricing for the small medium enterprise.

Plan: Enterprise

By: VirtualPBX Business Phone System
Approximate Price: 2-99 users: $30.99/user/mo. 100-499 users: $28.99/user/mo. 500+ users: $25.99/user/mo

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Features: Review

The VirtualPBX Office feature-set scales to enterprise grade as it includes a plethora of business-class features. There are the basic features for welcome incoming callers to your business by custom greetings, auto-attendant, and an automated directory. However, there are additional features for enterprise and call centres such as flexible device management, Do-Not-Disturb, Find-me Follow-Me, Outbound Caller ID, Call Blasting, and Hot Desking. In addition, the system supports multiple virtual business numbers and Direct Inward Dialing (DID) all customizable from an online portal from anywhere with internet access. There are also call management features that allow can handle calls between users via Advanced Transfers, Personal and Valet Call Parking, Intercom, and Feature Codes.

VirtualPBX works well in an enterprise with a call centre as it also supports ring groups so that callers can be routed to department members using a menu such as press 1 for support, or 2 for sales. Department members can be added to the ring group regardless of their physical location, which makes accommodating home workers easy.

Additionally, the Office plan also supports VoIP Anywhere technology, which can turn any mobile phone, device or computer into a full-featured VirtualPBX VoIP phone. With VoIP Anywhere technology VirtualPBX can support any standard SIP softphone from almost any vendor to make and receive calls over a broadband connection. High quality calls can be made over 3G, 4G and WiFi connections by using the mobile app and registering the phone as a device in the Virtual Office configuration.

Plan: Premium Service plan

By: Vonage business communication phone service
Approximate Price: $29.99/month/line

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Vonage Review

Vonage has revamped their Vonage Business Communications (VBC) platform by delivering service plans and prices to match businesses of all sizes and capabilities. The VBC is an UCaaS delivery and collaboration platform that integrates voice, video, messaging, team meeting and social media within a single product. VBC has three core service plans that can be used to match the ambitions and communication requirements of any size of company. The three plans are called Mobile, Premier and Advanced, with Premier being the best fit for a small to medium sized company. 

Premium Service plan

The Premier service plan is aimed at the small to medium sized business, that typically requires features and function that go beyond basic voice calling, that is looking for a cost effective virtual PBX service that will run just effectively on desk phone, smartphones or mobile devices. It is priced at $29.99 per seat (user) and comes with the standard 50+ VBC VoIP features as standard, such as:

Mobility and omnichannel: Mobile app, Follow Me, Call Forwarding, Paperless Fax, Business SMS, voicemail to email, Vonage visual voicemail as well as supporting many devices on an extension

Collaboration and Productivity: Call Conferencing Bridge, CRM integration, Call Monitoring, Call Announce, Call Groups, Team Meetings and Team Messaging, as well as Video conferencing, chat & file sharing for up to 100 people

Customer and employee experience: Call recording on-demand, Call screening, Call queues, Do Not Disturb, Call Continuity, Call Parking as well as a Multi-level auto attendant

Flexibility: Set Caller ID, Call Block, Smart Numbers, Local or geographic numbers, Spam Shield and an App centre

The aim of Vonage Business Communications is to provide an advanced UCaaS platform for communication across many channels, such as voice and messaging to aid collaboration and boost productivity.

The Vonage Premier Plan works on office desk phones as well as smartphones and computers as it is aimed primarily at those companies that use omnichannels for communications. Hence there are mobile apps and softphones available for user that work from their mobile phones and devices. As a result the Vonage Premier service plan is available for iOS Phones and Tablets and for Android.

The Premier plan provides integrated calling and team messaging via SMS using the business number into the service. However it does not support all those goals of UCaaS as it lacks several of its larger siblings’ features. The VoIP feature set is still very good for small to medium business but it does lack some features such as voicemail to email and call recording on demand.

The Vonage Premier plan provides unlimited calling in the continental U.S. and Canada. Mobile data charges may apply however and SMS is free but on a reasonable usage basis.

In summary, for businesses that require support for multi-channel communications and that work from an office or from mobile devices then the Vonage Premier service plan should be of great interest, At $29,99 per user per month it is not the cheapest around but is packed with plenty of voice and business integration features that are becoming necessary for modern small businesses to have.

Plan: X Series X6, X Series X6 and X Series X8

By: 8x8 Virtual Office
Approximate Price: $45-$175/month/user

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8×8 Review

For larger sized businesses that require a modern virtual telephone system with a rich feature set that supports voice, collaboration, productivity and omnichannel communication then 8×8 has provided a choice of the X4, X6 and their flagship X-8 series service and pricing plans.

X-4 Series

The X-4 series plan provides medium sized businesses with unlimited calling within 14 countries and advanced call handling and queuing. With regards to collaboration and productivity there are team meetings and business SMS as well as HD audio and video meetings where you can share your screen with team members.

In addition, the 8×8 X-4 series offers the following standard features:

  • AN Advanced Auto Attendant
  • Call Handling (Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Queues, Ring Groups)
  • HD Secure Voice
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps
  • Presence Detection
  • Voicemail
  • G Suite & Office 365 business app integration
  • Single Sign On
  • CRM/Service Integration
  • Call Recordings
  • Unlimited Internet Fax
  • Cross-Platform Team Messaging
  • Operator Switchboard
  • Analytics & Call Quality Reporting

The X-4 series is a big leap in price from the X-2 series but does provide more country support, 17 to 47 countries, an operator switchboard as well as an Analytics and Reporting feature. To get more collaboration, and omnichannel support you would need to look to the x-6 series edition.

X-6 Series

The x-series edition is aimed at the larger small or medium business that requires omnichannel support with a call centre and well as rich collaboration and productivity tools built in. It is priced at $115 per user per month so you will need to be sure that you will require theses added features, such as:

  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Queued & Web Callback
  • Post Call Survey
  • Native CRM & Knowledgebase
  • Contact Center Reporting & Analytics

The issue with the X-6 edition is despite the price hike you still do not have access to true omnichannel support features such as Chat, Email, SMS, Social Media Channels. To get them you need to move up to the 8×8 X-series-8 edition.

X-8 Series

The X-8 edition is an enterprise-grade service aimed at support for up to 1,000 users but at an entry level price of $175 a month per user the 8×8 X-8 series delivers the following additional features on top of the X-6 feature-set:

  • Chat, Email, SMS, Social Media Channels
  • Co-browse
  • Outbound Predictive Dialer (5,000 minutes)
  • Quality Management and Speech Analytics

For large organisations or enterprises 8×8 provides price qu0tations but remember with the X-series you can Mix and Match editions on the same platform so you could have a mix of some of X-4, X-6 and X-8 editions across your extensions while still benefiting company-wide from features such as:

  • Enterprise-class Analytics and Reporting
  • Compliance and Certifications (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001)
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Quality Management and Speech Analytics

Summary: The 8×8  X-4 and x-6 series editions are both feature rich virtual IP PBX services for businesses of all sizes but they are particularly suited to SMB and medium sized businesses but those added features come at a cost.

Plan: Enterprise

By: Nextiva Phone Service Provider
Approximate Price: $27.95/month/user

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Nextiva Review

The Nextiva Office Enterprise edition is aimed at SME’s and is priced at $27.99 per user per month. The Enterprise edition of Nextiva’s virtual PBX comes loaded with enterprise-grade features such as:

Phone Service Features:

  • Unlimited Calling within the US/CA
  • Free Local & Toll-Free Number
  • Toll-Free minutes (10,000 minutes)
  • Unlimited Internet Fax
  • Unlimited Business SMS

Collaboration Features

  • Unlimited Audio Conference Calls (100 participants)
  • Unlimited Video Conferencing (peer-to-peer)
  • Screen Sharing with Video and Audio
  • Mobile App Calling and Video
  • Team Messaging

Productivity Features

  • NextOS Call Pop with Nextiva CRM
  • Outlook and Google Integrations
  • Integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.
  • Integrations with Zendesk, ServiceNow, etc.
  • Visual Voicemail to Text and Email
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Voice Analytics
  • Call Recording
  • Support: 24×7 Support Service

Being a SME solution Nextiva enterprise, is a Unified Communications platform that operates over high definition (HD) audio and video. It supports video conference calls and so the enterprise plan has one conference bridge as standard but that only supports 9 participants in HD audio. However, additional bridges can be bought to increase the number of participants.